Keep going it’s only second year.

I haven’t been very active on social media the past few months, mainly becuase second year has attempted to trample all over me. Second year blues – that is definitely a thing.

It all started so well with a great module about acute conditions in children. Then placement happened, then it was Christmas and we had an exam to revise for and an essay to do by the start of January. Doesn’t seem like much but it was a stressful time. After this, we went straight back out onto placement for the entirety of January. Back to uni (no breaks!) and the start of two new modules. Back to placement once again in April with two essays and an exam due in May. It felt like there was no time. To make matters worse, a quarter of my class (of 45) failed the January exam and were facing possible failure of the entire course if they did not pass second time round. Even though I was lucky to have passed first time, all of us felt the strain and gladly, no one has been kicked off yet! I am currently on placement now (June/July) and looking forward to finishing.

Not to be a moany post (but it will probably end up like one) but my placements were also not what I was expecting. In first year I had fast paced busy wards which meant thinking on your feet and never having to find things to do to pass the time. This year, the placements I have had have been very slow in comparison. I guess what can be learnt from this is that I enjoy busy wards. I have learnt tonnes on the wards this year for sure, just prefer a faster pace. One of my non-nursing friends did say to me recently that chaos organises me and I think I agree on that one. My parents always mention my scattiness/chaotic way of living life – I find it hard to be organised! Obviously being organised is quite important in nursing so might need to work on that….

On a plus, I have passed all my essays and exams and I am sitting on a 2:1 at the moment which I am pleased about. Mainly because I am a mediocre student! Hard work does pay off – anyone who’s feeling the strain, just keep going and think of qualification. It will be worth it. 🙂


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