Throughtout nurse training, we are constantly told to reflect on our practice to improve how we might deal with a similar situation in the future. I have written a few reflections just to tick the boxes rather than actually sit down and think about it. In my last placement, there were quite a few situations that reflection has been invaluable. I had my first crash call where I was directly involved and reflecting on this afterwards really helped me to understand and process what had happened (don’t worry, the patient recovered and went home three days later!).


As I am progressing through my training, these tools are becoming much more relevant to my learning. It is also funny to reflect on the wider picture and think about how you were when you first started to now. In my last placement, my mentor was very good and pushed me to my limits which I know will set me up to be a better nurse when the time comes. At the time, I felt as though I wasn’t doing very well and it was very up and down with good days and bad days. Reflecting on my time there has helped me to see what I can develop more and what I need to just let go because I am human and not everything can be perfect! I know I am really hard on myself, and I always have been, but I need to give myself a break sometimes.


Have you realised that the tools you have been given in your nurse training have helped you in any way? Have you always reflected because you were told to or because you want to?

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