The return of second year blues.

Everything has been pretty quiet on my social media channels. I have struggled through this academic year since November after my placement finished. Just about passed my exam and essay that were assessed in January and have two essays and an open book exam (two essay questions) due in May as well as completing a placement in April then going back out onto placement in June after the two week essay/exam period.


I had a week of motivation and then resumed back to tired-of-being-a-student-nurse mode. Don’t get me wrong, I love the profession I am training to go into (and honestly, you can’t survive this course without that underpinning) but the workload is relentless. Lots of people on the nursing course are feeling burnt out and fed up with essays which feel like a measure of your expertise as a student nurse. We all keep telling ourselves that the grades don’t equal a good nurse but the disappointment of a poor grade, or failing, is bitter.

As anyone who is a nurse or training to be one knows, nursing as a profession is not easy. We need benchmarks and good quality evidence based knowledge to deliver care which is safe and of excellence. Even though I struggle, I am proud to be a degree educated nurse. Not because I will have a degree, but because we deserve to be degree educated like all the other healthcare professionals we work with. It is hard but it will be worth it.

nurse proud

Has anyone got any words of wisdom who has come out the other side? Any tips or tricks to get the passion back? Let me know, I know that I am not the only one!

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