Second year looms…

I became a second year student nurse today. The term fills me with equal amounts of dread and excitement. Dread because I need to start “knowing” stuff now and excitement because I will be learning branch specific nitty gritty stuff that I love! I have a module that teaches pathophysiology and the nursing intervention required for each disease, condition or . My timetable is chocka block however and I expect I will be living the life of a hermit until February 2015 at this rate.


The leap from first year to second year looks like a wide, vast sea at the moment. I do feel a little overwhelmed with the workload and having to juggle academic with practical is going to be difficult. My diary is already full of reminders to read up on each subject for each week in only one out of the three modules we have! I will need to start my essay for January now and revision for the exams too. Still, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor…!


It seems a little surreal to have made it here. I was so unhappy last year in my previous job and I counted down the days desperately until I left work and begun my studies as a student nurse. Now, I have made a new set of friends, have experienced and coped with stuff I wasn’t sure I could and of course blogged and tweeted this all along the way! I have also changed my mind on what I may like to specialise in. I thought I’d want to do neuro/mental health nursing, however I have developed an interest in neonates/ICU -something I was not that keen on at the start of my course! Nursing is still the best decision I have made. I am looking forward to evolving, learning and experiencing new things. Maybe my “start of third year” post will be me changing my mind yet again about what I’m interested in!



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