A little update

I cannot believe how time has flown! I am over half way through my first year of nursing which feels me with excitement but also great dread at the leap into second year in September. I am currently working hard (harder than I ever did in my last degree, that is for sure!) on revising for a human biology exam and writing two essays which all due in May. I have really enjoyed studying nursing so far and I hope that despite the difficulties that may arise, I keep the goal in focus. Here are a few things I have been up to lately:

Essays and revision


The study cycle

I already had a little knock back with my first submission in which I received a mark which was five marks over a pass. I didn’t fail, but I was still disappointed particularly because lots of people did really well. It’s silly to compare yourself to others but I suppose it’s a human thing. So after a day of self pity I decided to work really hard on these two essays. Hopefully it will pay off (especially as I’ve missed beautiful sunny days to be in the library instead.)

Student ambassador

This is nursing.

This is nursing.

I have also been working a little bit too as a student ambassador. I absolutely love meeting prospective nursing students. It makes me remember my own experience as well – the nerves, the excitement and enthusiasm. I think it’s really important to encourage people into this profession, despite the bad press we get. Nursing needs to be promoted much more as a career choice. I am going to be helping with a taster day for post offer students too so I think that will be fun and good to meet the next cohort.

Elective placement


We had a lecture a few weeks ago regarding the elective we can do next year which I was excited about. However, it’s been proving hard to find anywhere who will take me as a student in my area of interest. Unfortunately, one of the stipulations of an elective placement is that it cannot be with a trust which the university is already affiliated which puts most of London off the cards! I have my heart set on doing a placement in a mental health setting for children and young people. Ideally, I would have liked CAMHS, but I’d be interested in inpatient units too. It has been quite difficult with most places saying they struggle to place their own home students in CAMHS let alone an outside one. I will probably consider neuro as my next option. We shall see!

RCN Congress


RCN Congress 2014

I am hopefully going to the RCN Congress in June. I would really like to experience one and have applied for funding to go. Is anyone else hoping to go?




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