Handy books for student nurses

I am a bit of a book fiend, that is not a secret. Before I began my course I had already collected a few books from ebay and gumtree from newly qualified nurses. In addition, I already had an arsenal of books relating to the children that I used to work with! I have dedicated an entire shelf to my nursing/child health/learning disabilities books and I do love it!

I thought it’d be a good idea to do a post on books that I think have helped me so far. When I first got into university, the first thing I did was find out what books I would need. However, this proved difficult due to conflicting advice. Obviously it is a good idea to wait for your university’s book list to be sent to you but I feel these are definitely books which are essential to your book case!

1. The Great Ormond Street Hospital Manual of Children’s Nursing Practices.


I actually bought this after my first placement but would recommend this as a key text to get before you begin placement! It has everything you should know about clinical procedures, how the MDT works and various other hospital processes as well as the rationale behind it. I have recently been reading up about trachestomy care because I have been told this is something I may come across on my next placement and I have found the text easy to use and extremely helpful. Obviously this is focussed on paediatric nursing but my adult student nurse friends have told me that The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Procedures is amazing also.


2. A good anatomy and physiology (A&P) book.


I personally chose the Ross & Wilson book but would suggest you got to the library or book shop and check out which one is your style of learning/reading. I like the Ross & Wilson version because it is a good mix of text and diagrams. 


2. The Student Nurse Handbook


This book is amazing. It has helped me prepare for the course and also has information in it which can be used for the entire three years.


4. Recognising the acutely ill child


I like this little pocket book because you can carry it with you inconspicuously. It also has the basic assessment skills you need and when you should act if you observe worrying obs. I remember not knowing what recession meant when I was on my first placement!


5. New Guide to Medicines and Drugs


I think this is a good starter for getting your head around drugs and medicines. The BNF can be a little daunting and hard to read at first so I think this is handy to look up the drug or medicine and then read it in the BNF to get an understanding.


6. The Study Skills Handbook


If academic writing is new to you I would use this book. Even though I have experience with academic writing, I am not confident and struggle with essay structures and keeping a good flow in an essay. 


I think I could probably write an exhaustive list of books because I am a bookworm. Something that has really helped me is to read something nursing related every day. I do it unknowingly! Read one research paper or article. Nursing is all over the news at the moment and it is important to be aware of the ever evolving and changing world of healthcare. 


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