First month update

Well…I cannot believe I have been at university for nearly a month! In this space of time, I have learnt tons of human biology (which I am working hard on as it’s not my strong point), clinical skills, sociological factors in nursing, been set two essays, have been allocated placement (EEK!) and the absolute torture of choosing nursing shoes.

It has been fantastic and I am so immersed in my course already. However, I am feeling overwhelmed and worried about the impending clinical placement I am due to begin at the start of November. I am happy to be thrown in the deep end, looking back it’s what has happened to me for the entirety of my working life! I am not looking forward to not knowing what I am doing and not having the knowledge yet. I know I am being hard on myself but it’s just me – I like to be in the thick of things, getting to know children and their families. I think this is going to be an even steeper learning curve than I originally anticipated to be honest. Placement is the thing I was looking forward to most out of the course but now it has suddenly become very real and very daunting! I know once I am there I will love it though.


I will get over this wobble. I had one in my first week thinking “oh my god, what I am doing!?” and now I feel okay. I suppose this is the range of emotions we all feel when embarking on something new and I have been warned! Anyway I organised myself (at the detriment of everything else like food shopping…) and have got my brain into gear for some hardcore studying. 


Oh dear, this post seems a little negative. I am loving the course, I really am and I have made some great friends already. I have really enjoyed hearing other people’s experiences and they have been very diverse. I am never going to write anything but the truth in the hope that it can help others feeling the same or what to expect from a nursing course. And everyone is different. That is the beauty of humans and why nursing is a good place to be right now. 



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