The thigh bone’s connected to the…hip bone….

I have been preparing for my studies recently by reading a few key texts and reading articles on the Nursing Times. However, as I haven’t learnt science since I was 16 (9 YEARS AGO!!!) I have found anatomy and physiology arduous to work through in a textbook.


My partner found a website called Memrise and has been learning French and then showed me the other courses it has on there including anatomy and physiology! It has all manners of biological sciences, healthcare sciences and the like which I think are good for introductory lessons or revision recaps. Did I mention that this resource is completely free?! And you can get it in app form so I have been using my bus journeys to work as opportunities to learn some A&P!

I can’t believe that it is July already. It still feels a long way until I leave work and begin my student nurse journey but the summer holidays will fly by (it’s the busiest time of year where I work in a shortbreaks home for children with disabilities) and I get allocated my home trust in August. Lots to look forward to, just have to focus on small chunks of time and it’ll be my first day in no time!

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1 Response to The thigh bone’s connected to the…hip bone….

  1. Nikki says:

    Have you checked out Coursera? They are also free and have hundreds of courses by really talented professors all over the world.

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