Preparing for September

In anticipation for the start of my course, I have been looking at what i can do (buy) before I get snowed under with information and assignments. I have bought only a few books for some reading to get used to terminology (sphygmomanometer – was there any need to call it that when it can just be called a blood pressure measurer!?) and to just get a small head start. I don’t really know what I am reading though when it comes to the clinical stuff so just sticking with more generic social orientated stuff which is something I am familiar with anyway. “The Student Nurse Handbook” and the “Children and Young People’s Nursing Made Incredibly Easy” are the two I have been reading a lot of.


So onto things that I may need. Shoes and a fob watch apparently. The latter is easy, but the former is a whole different kettle of fish. They have to be very comfortable, very hard-wearing and easily cleanable (body fluids). I recently saw these advertised as being the best nursing shoe you can get….


Now I know nursing is not a fashion show – but these are not “aesthetically pleasing” and look really heavy! However, I know I will eat my words when I purchase a pair similar to these. I am thinking Doc Martens as they are very durable and comfortable in my experience. But you never know i could be rocking the Armadillo look. In fact with trousers, they might not be that bad…

Finally, I have been reading lots and lots of blogs and following twitter for advice and info on anything about nursing! I was honestly so happy to discover that there is such a strong community via social media for nurses and nurses to be. A good resource for people wanting to know more about current issues and talk to other nurses or students, you must follow @wenurses. They have weekly discussions and have been nothing but helpful!


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3 Responses to Preparing for September

  1. Hiya,
    Thanks for the follow, I have followed back! So great to find another child nurse haha!
    I take it you are looking forward to starting the course in September? It’s great that you are already getting books, and all the stuff you need – an eager beaver! I like it!
    Doc Martens are a good choice for placement shoes, although you may find them heavy. Mine are similar to those which school kids would wear, so they are comfy and don’t look too bad either. May I also suggest buying some gel insoles for your shoes. They will make your shoes and feet last longer!
    Be good to hear from you, I have an email address on my blog in various places, should you have any questions whatsoever and wish to pick my brains. Or just comment on a post of mine!
    Enjoy your summer before the work begins!

    • charlihumm says:

      Hi, thanks Joel – I may take you up on the offer of advice in the future!
      I am a seasoned DM wearer, but I shall definitely invest in some gel insoles.
      As for enjoying my summer – I have a very hectic job working with children with challenging behaviour so the first few weeks of uni will be a welcome break! However, once placement starts I am sure I will be working very hard!

      • Please do, anytime! At least, if your job is hectic now then when you do get onto the wards, the hard, crazy busy environment won’t hit you too hard!
        Best wishes

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